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Tiny Monkey: Plot and Characters

Experiment BZ-1538 has escaped, and is on the run. The captors are now after it and are desperate to bring it back alive. On this article we're going to explore the story and characters behind Super Tiny Monkey.

Our hero belongs to a family of primates called Tarsiidae. He was captured in the wilds and became the 1538th subject for an experimental procedure that implants super natural abilities to trained animals. As a result of numerous experiments and medications, he has developed a more human-like awareness and thought process. This advancement gave him the wit enough to devise a plan to escape the laboratory. Being a very valuable experiment, he is now being chased relentlessly by his captors. He is experiment BZ-1538, nicknamed Goggles.

BZ-1538 "Goggles" Concept Art

Goggles is one of the few test subjects that reacted positively to the medication. He exhibited slow but steady development starting with his problem solving skills. Lab results show that aside from the discoloration of his fur to a more reddish hue, he is yet to manifest any form of physical mutation. It has been observed that he moves and navigates around differently than any ordinary primate of his kind. His capability for cognitive learning was duly noted, but no one was aware of the super powers he obtained -- until he broke free and escaped. Goggles was found to be able to produce a protective shield around himself that can absorb some damage before collapsing. He can also summon all the strengths and focus them on his feet to make a powerful kick that sends him almost flying across the air. It was theorized from there on that he will manifest more super natural abilities as he matures.

Enrico Alonzo, better known as the Poacher, was tasked by Dr. Zoo to capture BZ-1538 and bring it back alive. Rico assembles a handful of locals and chases Goggles through the forest. Rico is not very bright, as evidenced by his preference to use a simple sweep net against a super monkey.

Concept Art of Rico the Poacher

When Rico was tasked by Dr. Zoo to capture BZ-1538, he enlisted the help of the local poachers. These locals are remarkably good at climbing trees, so Rico had them hiding on the trees above, ready to swoop down on our unsuspecting hero.

Poacher on the tree

Evil genius Dr. Blight Zoo is the creator of BZ-1538. He is a brilliant engineer, chemist, and biologist, and considered to be a prodigy during his time. Shortly after completing his many accomplishments in various fields of science, he vanished without a trace. Little do people know, he has been spending over 40 years of his life trying to create a stable biochemical formula. With the formula he aims to unlock the full potential of all the living creatures. Over the course of his pursuit he has experimented with over a thousand subjects. Most of his subjects were not able to survive the procedure, and would reject the chemicals injected to their system. With the relative success of BZ-1538 along with a handful of other subjects, he feels he has come real close to success. Up to now he has kept a very low profile and is conducting his experiments in a secluded laboratory he built in the mountain ranges.

Concept Art of Dr. Zoo

Dr. Zoo is a man in his 60's, and is a vegetarian. He is extravagant, can be pompous at times, and a little impatient. It is unknown whether he's striving for the benefit of mankind or just himself.

Goggles was not the only one. There are other test subjects that also exhibited various levels of development both mentally and physically. There are also test subjects that have already undergone training and have become loyal to Dr. Zoo, even prior to BZ-1538's creation. At the time of BZ-1538's escape, a number of yet to be identified test subjects have also escaped. It is unclear if they planned their escape altogether or not. Stay tuned for updates as we reveal their identities!

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