Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dusting Off

This is crazy.

It has been close to a year since my last blog post! I'm really sorry guys, but I got engaged with a lot of activities leaving me with little to no time to continue our indie project. In any case, I'd like to take this opportunity to keep everyone updated regarding stuff.

First off, Tiny Monkey Escape. Long story short, we felt that the content we produced wasn't getting consumed much anyway, so we, meaning Hobbi Games and its publisher Play Play Fun decided to put it on hold (with the two chapters available) and focus on another game. We may eventually pick it up again and finish it...but that really depends on the publisher and the players.

Never heard of it before? Shame on you. :D
You can check it out here: Tiny Monkey Escape (BETA)

The new project is called Gnome More War. I'm very loose with the word 'new' here, because that game has already existed since more than a year ago. In fact, the reason I'm updating the blog now is because I want to set this game up here. Anyway, GMW started out as a web game (Unity WebGL) and we uploaded a demo build. See links below:

Gamejolt (demo removed)
Play Play Fun 

Development for GMW went for a 9-month hiatus, with me picking it up again not long ago. The latest devlog was posted on Gamejolt:
Gnome More War: Workshop Menu (Gamejolt) 

From here on out I hope development will continue at an acceptable pace. If not, I promise to make an announcement before going on hiatus again.

-- LJ

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