Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gnome More War Android Official Trailer

A brand new trailer of Gnome More War is out now! The game is now available worldwide for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. I have plans to port it to iOS, but no concrete time frame yet.

Game Description:

Gnomes have been stealing from your farm, and you must stop them! Together with your goblin friends, fend off the pesky thieving gnomes and protect your farm at all cost. Experience the classic arcade castle defense game play with loads of twists. You have an arsenal of power-ups at your disposal, and a selection of 30+ upgrades to choose from. This is war!

❖ Features ❖

➤ Defeat waves of enemies in this action-packed shooter/castle defense game across multiple maps!
➤ Unlock tons of cool power-ups to help your quest!
➤ Unlock tons of upgrades and fill your deck with various combinations for a more effective offense/defense!
➤ Simple, intuitive, and customizable touch controls! (Gamepad support still in development)
➤ Vibrant hand drawn visuals combined with retro pixel character sprites!
➤ Customize your character with unlockable car skins!

The game makes use of Google Play achievements and leaderboards. It's FREE to download from the Play Store. Download it now!

Gnome More War (Google Play)

Of course, development for the game doesn't here. I still plan to add more car skins, maps, enemy types, and even boss fights. But I will have to ask for your patience, as I only have so much spare time to work on this game. Hopefully someday I can work on making games full time.

-- LJ

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